Welcome to our new dedicated gluten free site, wheatfreefood.com, run by Rheinlander Bakery, a hometown German Bakery, located in Arvada, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

All the products you will find here are gluten free for our celiac and gluten intolerant customers. Many are also diabetic friendly, sugar free with all natural sweeteners, such as xylitol and stevia. Our products are based on old world tradition. We proudly handcraft four healthy and tasty product lines that are based on wholesome Gluten free flours that are full of taste and pack a nutritional punch. We believe in making products low glycemic, sugar free or no Sugar Added well as Low Carb. As a celiac and a cancer survivor our owner, Maro Dimmer believes that our immune systems don't need to struggle with the demands that sugar makes on them. We do all this without compromising taste. Our baking techiques are artisanal and our ingredients are pure and wholesome. We offer you a new and refreshing perspective on what it means to eat gluten free.

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